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 Data Center
Industrial-Grade Equipment for the Ultimate Performance and Reliability
EmeriWeb recognizes that downtime is not an option for your website. That's why we invest heavily in hardware and facilities to ensure that you are up and running on the web 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

EmeriWeb's Network Operations Center (NOC) features raised flooring. This enables a constant flow of conditioned air and helps to maintain uniform room temperature at all times. In addition, raised flooring reduces static and ensures a professional, computer-grade environment for your servers.

The facility is equipped with a Raytheon fire suppression system, designed to immediately extinguish fire and protect equipment and personnel. The command center is controlled via automatic doors to further secure and protect the equipment.

Finally, the NOC is located in a secure, monitored, class A building with a minimum number of approved personnel allowed access to highly sensitive areas and equipment. A detailed record of employee and visitor entry is maintained at all times.

Uninterruptible Power System
To guard against local power failures, EmeriWeb has three industrial-grade, three-phase UPS systems with back-up battery systems. With these back-up systems in place, we can keep our network up and running indefinitely without relying on external power.

Force Filtered Cooling
All of EmeriWeb's custom web servers are equipped with a positive-pressure filtered-air system. Four large fans pull filtered air into each server's protective case, and the components within are cooled by fans that circulate this purified air. This constant introduction of clean air into the case creates a positive pressure environment ensuring that dust and particles remain outside the server.

Standby Servers
We keep spare servers online of all CPU configurations. If a server were to experience a hardware failure, we would turn a key, grab the handle on the drive, pull it out and insert it into an identical standby CPU. We would then reboot the second machine, and the server would be up and running again in a matter of minutes.

Connected to Three Backbones (Network Redundancy)
The EmeriWeb NOC, located in Baltimore, Maryland, is On-Net with GlobalCrossing (GC), AT&T, and Qwest Communications carriers using three full OC3 connections. Three level 3 Optical Carrier circuits directly connected to EmeriWeb's routers and switching backbone, providing N+1 redundancy.

Each ISP has a Point-of-Presence (POP), within our building, through three separate access providers, MFS/MCI WorldComm, ALR, and QwestLink. The OC3s extend out from three OC48s which are located within our computer room.

Network Reliability
Industry analysis reveals that 70% of downtime of over 10 hours with any ISP is caused by telephone circuit failure. With EmeriWeb, circuit failure is virtually eliminated. That's because our NOC is in the same building as GlobalCenter, Qwest and GTE. There is no phone circuit between EmeriWeb and these providers. Instead, there is a direct connection between our Cisco 7500 routers and theirs.

EmeriWeb's providers also have peering connections with other major Tier 1 providers that allow traffic to be switched to alternate backbones should the need arise.

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