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Domain names must consist of alpha characters, numeric characters, or the minus sign '-'. Other characters are not accepted.
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You must enter a domain name here, even if you have already a domain registered or is hosted elsewhere. The domain name is needed in order to set it up on our servers. We can host domains from any country and .tv, .cc etc.
A domain which ends with .com, .net or .org can be registered automatically. 
If this is a new domain registration please make sure that the domain is available. Not sure? Click Here!

Domain name that will be set up for hosting: www.
                                                          Example: yourdomainname.com, .net, .org, etc.  

You must select one option below.  Choose  New Domain below if you have purchased the above .com, .net or .org domain with us or you will be registering in the near future.

NEW - Domain Registration  (Choose this only if this is a brand new .com, net or .org domain name that is registered or you will be _______________________registering in the near future. To Register Now Click Here)

EXSISTING - I have an existing domain but I need hosting (domain is already registered but is not hosted with anyone)

TRANSFER - I am transferring an existing domain from another hosting company (domain is already registered and is hosted ___________________________someplace else or other country domains)

Please ignore this section if you already have a domain name registered (you will not be charged for a new registration).
***The annual $30.00 domain registration is For New Domain Registrations Only in .com, net, org and does not apply if you have a domain name already registered,  please select Existing or Transfer or above if you have a domain name already!***

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Domain registration and modifications for other countries' domains  need to done by contacting the registrar in the respective country.

Choose a user login name. The user name must start with alpha characters and consist of alpha characters, numeric characters, the minus sign '-' or underline '_'. Alpha characters must be in lower case. The length of "User Name" cannot be more than 8 characters.
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__ Accounts are always automatically renewed at the end of each term.

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Web Hosting Monthly Quarterly Semi Annual Annual
STARTER Plan $7.95 $21.86 $43.73 $87.45
ECONOMY Plan $15.95 $43.86 $87.73 $175.45
PROFESSIONAL Plan $25.95 $71.36 $142.73 $285.45
PRO-PLUS Plan $36.95 $101.61 $203.23 $406.45
E-Commerce *
$55.95 $153.86 $307.73 $615.45
$66.95 $184.11 $368.23 $736.45
$79.95 $219.86 $439.73 $879.45

* setup fee for the E-Commerce plans applies.



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