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 Web Site Builder - How To ...?
Web Site Builder - Getting Started.

Getting started is easy. First, select the Web Site Builder icon in your Control Panel. Once you've entered the program, you can choose one of the professionally designed templates and then enter your basic business information:

Next, select and name up to five pages for your site. Some standard choices are suggested, but these can be anything you like. We do recommend you keep the "Contact" page - the wizard will build an automatic response form for your site with that page:

Next you can fill in the information you want on each page, choose colors, place the text, etc.:

Finally, under "Publish Site" on the left side of your Control Panel screen choose "Finish". Your web site will be published, and can be viewed at You might also want to select this button at the bottom of your screen:

so that will go directly to your home page.

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