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SITE CREATION TOOL                                                                                                               99 The Site Creation Tool used in the web site you create is Powered by Max Pages; indicating the company, Max Pages, is responsible for some of the technology used in the Site Creation Tool.  You can visit the Max Pages web site by single-clicking on the Powered by Max Pages button near the bottom of the screen. You can list company or personal information on your homepage using the Site Editor.  The following information can be included automatically: Name/Company Street Address City State Zip Phone Number The Logout link returns you to the Control Panel. The site pages links open the Page Editor to edit existing pages. The Site tools allow you to create and delete pages and set up guidelines to apply to your entire site. The Delete Site link deletes all of your web pages on the site. Help is available from these links. The Site Fields link opens a list of tools for adding information to your site. This list of links allows you to add specific fields of information to your home page. The View Site link opens your home page.