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SITE CREATION TOOL ©                                                                                                               96 9. The Site Editor offers ways for you to edit and add to the home page you just created.  Additionally, you can add more pages from this tool.  The Site Editor is explained in more detail in a later section of this document.  The next two sections cover the remaining options available from the Site Creation Tool Manager.   Note: · Once your home page is set up, there is no need to repeat the steps covered thus far in this section.  Clicking on the Site Creation Tool button in the Site Creation Tool Manager will bypass the previous steps and open directly in the Site Editor as shown in the image above. 10.    To close the Site Editor and return to the Control Panel, select the Logout link, near the upper left corner of the screen. When your site is initially created, a plain message initially appears as your site’s main page, similar to the one shown below.