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MAIL MANAGER                                                                                                               61 2. Select the New Address link by single-clicking on it.   The New Mailbox page displays 3. Enter the user name in the Input Username field. Enter the password in both the Input Password and Re-enter Password fields.  Make sure that you type the password exactly the same way in both fields. 4. When completed, select the add button.  A message displays indicating that the user was added successfully. 5. At this point, the new user mail account can be edited, or you can return back to the Mail Manager home.  To return to the Mail Manager home, select the Home link.   If you would like to return to the main Control Panel page, select the Control Panel link located in the upper right corner of the top frame.  If you would like to edit the newly created account, click the link of the user name whose account you would like to edit and continue with the next procedure.