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ADD DOMAIN ©                                                                                                               58 4. Once you have returned to this form, complete the fields according to the instructions which are summarized below: · Master Domain:  Select the master domain you would like to use from those available in the drop- down list. · Domain Name:  Type the domain name you would like to add.  Be sure to check that the domain name is not already taken using step three of this procedure.  Do not include “www” as the first part of your domain name. · “Registration Option”:  Choose one of the three options listed:  New Domain Registration, Transfer existing domain or Don’t register me. · User Name:  Type the user name you would like to use for this domain. · “Number of Years”:  Select the number of years for which you want this domain registered from the drop-down list. · “Network Solution partner program member”:   Indicate if you are a Network Solution partner program member by typing your identifier in this field. 5. Scroll down to the second part of the form.