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ADD DOMAIN ©                                                                                                               52 ADD DOMAIN Add Domain Overview Adding domains is one way of enhancing your site.  For instance, if you were running your site on the domain “”, you might be able to increase traffic by setting up the domain “”.  This way no matter which of the two addresses potential visitors used they would be certain to reach your site. There are two different types of domains you can add: Added Domains and Parked Domains.   An Added Domain is an entirely new and separate domain which is added under a different user name than the main (original) domain.  It has its own unique Control Panel and Package but is billed to the owner of the main (original) domain. A Parked Domain is a domain name that serves as a “pointer” to another domain.  When people visit this parked domain with their web browser, they are automatically sent or forwarded to the domain that the parked domain is pointing to.  This concept is similar to the redirect URL option available in the Control Panel, where users who type in one URL are automatically sent to a different previously determined URL. How To Add an Additional Domain: 1. From the Control Panel, select the Add Domain icon.   The Add Domain screen displays, allowing you to choose between adding an Additional Domain or a Parked Domain.