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SSH ©                                                                                                               142 SSH SSH Overview The SSH option allows you to manage secure telnet access to your account.  Much of the functionality of telneting is handled through the File Manager option in the Control Panel.   However, there are instances when telneting (outside the operation of the File Manager) is required to get the job done. The only way to gain telnet access to your account is by using SSH secure telnet software that must be loaded on your computer.  The recommended software is Van Dyke Technologiesí Secure CRT.  The website for this software is: The SSH Option allows you to upload the RSA (Rivest, Shamir, Adleman) key generated on your computer by the SSH software to the server on which your site resides.  Once completed, you will have secure telnet access to the site. Note: You must be set up for SSH access to your account.  If you are not and you use the SSH option from the Control Panel, the following message will display when the SSH Manager opens. Once your hosting company has given you approval (using whatever criteria they deem necessary) to use a secure telnet connection to the server, you will be able to use the SSH Manager to set up your public (RSA) key on the server.