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MIME TYPES                                                                                                               129 MIME TYPES Mime Types Overview Mime Types represent file types as presented to your web browser.  The Mime Type option in the Control Panel allows you to specify which types of files you can open with your web browser. Warning: Regardless of the mime types you set up to be opened by your web browser, your browser can only open files of types that it supports, either in the program itself or through the use of plug-ins or other helper applications. Notes: Adding Java file types does not enable Java on a domain. In order to use the Mime Types option, the Microsoft FrontPage Extensions option must be disabled.  If it is enabled, then you must use your version of Microsoft FrontPage to handle mime types.  If the Microsoft FrontPage Extensions option is enabled, you will not have access to the Mime Types option; instead, you will see the following message if you try to access it.