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SEARCH ENGINE                                                                                                               120 SEARCH ENGINE Search Engine Overview The Search Engine Options allows you to install the WebGlimpse Search Engine on your site.  This tool allows users to perform searches for content on your site. Once the search engine is installed, configured and indexed, it will be available on an HTML page located on your site. You will need to manually (using your web site creation tool of choice) create links to the WebGlimpse HTML page. Installing the Search Engine How To Install WebGlimpse on Your Site: 1. From the Control Panel, select the Search Engine icon.   If WebGlimpse is not installed on your site, the Search Engine Manager displays a message indicating that WebGlimpse is not yet installed. 2. Select the Install WebGlimpse button.  A message appears indicating that WebGlimpse will be installed on your site within approximately ten minutes.