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REDIRECT URL ©                                                                                                               117 REDIRECT URL Redirect URL Overview The Redirect URL option allows you to change the file that appears when a user enters a specific file’s web address. Example: There are a number of old URLs for your site’s home page that are no longer current, yet people still use them.  You don’t really want people going to those old URLs because either an outdated page will display or they’ll get an error. Set up redirection for these old URLs, so that when users enter them into their web browsers, the file at your current URL displays instead. Note: · In order to use the Redirect URL option, the Microsoft FrontPage Extensions option must be disabled.  If it is enabled you must use your version of Microsoft FrontPage to protect the directories.  If the Microsoft FrontPage Extensions option is enabled, you will not have access to the Redirect URL option; instead you will see the following message if you try to access it.