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THE CONTROL PANEL                                                                                                               10 Control Panel Link The Control Panel Link is permanently available from the top frame of the Control Panel no matter how deeply into the Control Panel options you move.  Clicking on the link takes you directly back to the main Control Panel page.  This link may be titled differently (e.g., Administrative Suite) but is located permanently in the upper right-hand corner. Options Options are the tools and utilities which give you true control over your account and web pages.  There is a large selection of options available in the Control Panel. The package to which you subscribe determines which of the options are accessible to you. The following table lists all of the possible options you may view in the Control Panel. Icon Option Description Help Provides a help page and a link to the Getting Started page that, much like this table, provides summary information about the Control Panel features. Miva Installs Miva Empresa for the domain, a program that is necessary if the customer wants to operate the Miva Merchant Shopping Cart on their site. Account Management Provides detailed information about your account.  (More in- depth than the Account Glance feature of the Control Panel.) File Manager Allows you to manipulate files on your web site. Change Password Allows you to change the password for access to the Control Panel and FTP (Note:  it does not change the password for your e-mail). Billing History    Shows the entire billing history and payment balance for your account.